Efficiency. resilience. sustainability. powered by data Intelligence

AI-driven visibility

Asset-level insights

Network-scale action

Driving faster results

Customers who have embedded PowerX solutions into their business are enjoying the benefits of data-driven digitisation and optimisations : 


% +

Energy cost reduction

% +

Fuel consumption reduction

% +

Generator run time reductions

Asset performance

% +

Less battery cycling

% +

Asset utilisation


Solar yield increase

Site Maintenance


Less corrective maintenance


Less equipment failure

% +

Generator run time reductions


% - 

CO2/GHG reduction

Across the ecosystem we work with

embedding AI  into business processes


PowerX is the first all-digital hardware agnostic platform that embeds


into business processes to manage and optimise energy assets.

  • Enterprise-wide assets efficiency, resilience and sustainability views 

  • Multi-asset coverage across regions, outsourced partners or suppliers 

  • Benchmark efficiencies from individual towers to entire networks


PowerX automates deep analytics at scale, producing targeted and actionable insights for every level of the organisation, from field engineers to operations and management teams.

  • Detailed, rapid diagnostics, issues triage and auto-close  

  • Targeted insights with impact assessment and prioritised actions

  • Network benchmarks to improve accuracy of CAPEX and OPEX planning  


PowerX’s advanced data science tools and workflows integrate with enterprise business processes executing optimisations automatically at scale or generating fault specific trouble tickets so field engineers can implement first-time fixes. 

  • Autonomous, AI remote control optimisations at scale without manual intervention 

  • Integrated  workflows pushing next best action: AI controls, issue triage, tickets, reports

  • Generation and auto-close of fault specific tickets to maximise efficiency of site visits 

Ready to embed AI into your network management?





“PowerX was one of the winners of the IBM Watson challenge in 2018. The PowerX platform is unique in its application of Watson AI to the mobile cell tower market. It uses ground-breaking AI to optimize both capex and opex for mobile network operators and Tower Cos. For any Tower Co or Network team looking for the next generation tools to improve tower performance and resilience with a future proof solution built on advanced IBM technology then PowerX is the solution for you.”

Chris Cook


“Not only did PowerX platform reduce negative environmental impacts, it also resulted in zero network downtime and continuously drives improvements across our infrastructure. We are very optimistic about these findings and the role AI stands to play at the heart of MTN’s infrastructure programme.”

MTN Group

“Managing and maintaining cell towers in Africa is a complex and unpredictable task. PowerX changes the game completely. It not only increases cost predictability for CFOs and reduces greenhouse gas outputs to help firms meet their environmental commitments, but the information it produces saves countless man hours and increases the length of life of expensive tower components.”

Andre Herbst

Chief Executive Officer of Megmar


PowerX provides the market-leading data intelligence platform for managing and optimising energy assets. The platform’s advanced data science tools and workflows, integrated with enterprise business processes, deliver efficiency, resilience and sustainability for critical asset operations.

In telecommunications, complex, ageing infrastructure networks are facing rigorous demands for efficiency, reliability, uptime and sustainability. Adopting a digitised operational and power management solution is critical for future optimisation and growth.

The PowerX solution drives digital transformation for network power management: 

  • Digitises tower network infrastructure, optimising performance of critical uptime assets and business operations.

  • AI-driven data tools provide desktop visibility and insight into every business process level - from diagnostics and triage to business prioritization and CAPEX/OPEX planning.

  • Delivers reductions of 10 – 30% in energy costs, asset utilizations, corrective maintenance visits and CO2 emissions.

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